Grand Jury arraignments continue in Circuit Court

Grand Jury arraignments and various other cases were heard in Lewis County Circuit Court.
Perry Cogar, 35, of Ireland, appeared in Circuit Court Friday for a hearing regarding contact with alleged victims in his case. Three victims were questioned under oath, and all three stated they wanted to maintain contact with Cogar.
Cogar is currently living at another residence, and has had no contact with the victims, except his brother who he works with. There is still no contact with the juvenile victim named in the indictment.
Cogar was indicted on one county of strangulation, a felony, one count of domestic battery, a misdemeanor, one count of brandishing a deadly weapon, a misdemeanor, and three counts of domestic assault, misdemeanors.
The state objected to Cogar moving back into the home shared by the victims, but was okay with Cogar maintaining contact with the victims. Judge Jacob Reger ruled Cogar can only have contact with his brother, and must not go back to the victims’ residence. His trial is scheduled for Feb. 20, 2018.
Catherine Hayhurst, 25, of Salem, who was originally charged with fraudulent use of an access device, appeared in court on charges she violated her probation. Hayhurst admitted she hasn’t fully paid fees, costs, and restitutions due to economic circumstances, but denied she absconded from supervision.
Hayhurst told the court she had not left the state, but prosecuting attorney Christina Flanigan questioned that statement with proof Hayhurst had been in Ohio earlier this month. She will be held without bond until her adjudicatory hearing, scheduled for Nov. 28.
Ernie Crawford, 22, of Weston, who was originally charged with burglary, entering without breaking, made admissions to the charges. His hearing is scheduled for Jan. 11, 2018.
Tiffany Tomaro, 30, of Weston, who was indicted on one count of grand larceny, one count of conspiracy to commit grand larceny, one count of entry to a building other than a dwelling, one count of conspiracy to commit entry of the building, and one count of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, was sentenced to two years probation, and will continue with the Community Corrections program until completion.
After release from Community Corrections, Tomaro will begin paying probation and Community Corrections fees. She will also pay $250 in court appointed attorney’s fees and court costs within six months of her sentencing.
Tomaro must also write a letter of apology to the victim within 15 days. She must also pay the victim the insurance deductible first, then the insurance company. The Lewis County Sheriff’s Department will return her property that was seized.
Derek Woodson, 28, of Weston, who was originally charged with fleeing from officers, will face trial in January 2018. His pre-trial date is scheduled for Jan. 11, 2018.
David Marple, 44, of Weston, who was indicted on two counts of delivery of a controlled substance Buprenorphine, was sentenced to probation for two years.
The defendant must be free of Suboxene by March 2018. He was ordered to pay $60 restitution within 30 days. Court costs are due within six months, and court appointed attorney’s fees were waived.
He will continue with Community Corrections until completion of the program.

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