Glenville State College Visits Lewis County Schools

Two Glenville State College music professors spent time with Lewis County Schools students last month.
Professors Jason Barr and Harry Rich visited Lewis County High School to talk to band and choir students about the music program at GSC. Rich discussed college life in general and different financial aid options, and Barr got more specific with the music program.
After speaking to the whole class, Barr, Rich and interested students went to the auditorium to get more detailed information and leave their contact information with the professors.
Several students spent time asking questions and showing interest in what the college has to offer.
Barr and Rich also visited Roanoke Elementary and Leading Creek Elementary schools to talk about different types of horns with teacher Whitney Ballard’s kindergarten, first and second grade students.
Rich talked to students about the history of the horn and its role in communication, with help from student teacher Kim Smith. He also attached a mouthpiece and a funnel to a car heater hose and played different sounds with it.
Rich then played the trumpet and trombone for them. Barr discussed different woodwind instruments, playing both the flute and saxophone for the students.
He played some jazz for students too, as the saxophone and jazz came about at roughly the same time.
Barr and Rich both pointed out different parts of the instruments and asked students what instrument families they belonged in. They ended their presentation by playing a duet, which students seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

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