Glass Fusion Class Creates Easter Eggs

Children and adults were able to make Easter Eggs glass fusion art pieces at the Museum of American Glass on Saturday, throughout the day.
Instructor Paul Eastwood, has been involved with the museum for around four years now. Eastwood is a local resident, but he is originally from Bridgeport, Ohio.
Eastwood periodically teaches glass fussing classes at the museum, at the Studio of the Museum of American Glass (Studio MAG).
On Saturday, March 4, Eastwood held a glass fussing class for adults and chidren, where attendees were able to make glass Easter Eggs. Children attended the class for free and the cost for adults was $50.
Students started the class by working with glass on a square, so they could learn how to operate the tools, used in the glass industry.
Class attendees also were able to participate in a scavenger hunt throughout the museum, finding different glass formations within the display cases.
Eastwood is hoping that the classes can be done on a more regular basis and hopes that the next project will be a Mother’s Day theme glass piece.

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