Free Vein Screening On Wednesday, July 26, at SJMH

Weston’s Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital (SJMH) will offer free vein screenings with testing next Wednesday, at the Hospital.  
The screening provides clinicians with information about the vein health of the patient and whether further treatment is needed to alleviate any problems.  
SJMH physician Brian Hornsby, D.O., will conduct the screenings.
During the screening, patients will first view a short video and hear a presentation by Dr. Hornsby.
Each patient is then taken to an exam room individually for an ultrasound of the legs.  From that testing, it will be determined whether the patient should return for a full evaluation.
The screening will be from 3-5 p.m. that day in the Oncology/Vein/Infusion Center, located on the first floor of the Hospital. Availability is limited, so interested parties should call 304-517-1272 to reserve a spot.  
Dr. Hornsby explained the need for the screening, and procedures to relieve the condition.
“Our monthly screenings here provide us with the condition of the patient’s venous problems which develop over a lifetime,” explained Dr. Hornsby.
“Once we know the issue we can there take measures to improve a persons’ quality of life such as relieving pain or swelling in the lower extremities.”
More than 45 million Americans suffer from venous disease. Symptoms for the sufferer can include aching; fatigue; heaviness in the legs; pain that is throbbing, burning, stabbing; cramping, swelling, itching, restless legs, or numbness.
Anatomically, a patient’s arteries supply the blood to one’s extremities but the vein system returns the blood to the heart. The difficulty arises when the blood must work against gravity and flow upwards.
The valves may not work properly. Other malfunctions may include reflux or other valve obstructions such as a blood clot.
Some people are able to use compression stockings to provide the necessary pressure to keep the blood moving up the their leg. This method alleviates the symptoms but does not correct the condition.
SJMH’s Vein Center can provide patients with an alternative to compression stockings and includes an outpatient procedure called thermal ablation. The procedure takes less than 60 minutes with a 99 percent success rate and is provided by Dr. Hornsby in the Department.
Thermal ablation is a procedure using heat to remove tissue or to destroy its function.  In the case of venous disease, heat is directed through a catheter to close up the targeted vessel.  
The treatment leaves the problem vein in place so that there is a minimal bleeding and bruising.   Many patients find that thermal ablation results in less pain and faster return to normal activities.  
The goal of the treatment is to reduce symptoms and reduce the risk of complications from venous disease including blood clots.
Patients who have large varicose veins, for example, are candidates for this procedure.  The procedure takes the place of “vein stripping” in many cases.
To reserve a spot in the next Vein Screening, please call 304-517-1272.

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