First Baptist Church Celebrating 150 Years

The First Baptist Church of Weston is deep in the planning stages for its year-long 150th anniversary celebration.
The celebrations will kick off in September with plans in the works for an ice cream social as well a homecoming celebration with all of the churches living previous Pastors invited to return.
Associate Pastor Eric Kendall, who has been with the church for five years, characterized 150 years as a great reason to celebrate.
Kendall noted that with churches around the nation closing their doors in record numbers that it was great to see a church not just survive but thrive.
The church was founded in 1867 and met in various locations including lodge halls, the courthouse, and even member’s homes according to church member Linda J. C. Turner, who has attended First Baptist since 1953.
Turner also related the story of the opening of the current building the church calls home at the corner of Center Avenue and 2nd Street in 1915. 378 members and their guests met one morning at the Weston High School auditorium and marched to their new building.
“Its a great church to belong to,” Turner said mentioning the welcoming atmosphere of the institution. “It’s an exciting time for us,” she went on, noting that she looked forward to “Honoring the founders commitment and carrying it forward.”
Cathy Fisher, another lifelong member of the church, echoed Turner’s excitement for the upcoming celebrations.
Fisher also noted her long familial connection to First Baptist Church mentioning she had found her mother, Sarah Matthews Paugh, name on a cradle roll document from 1925.
Fisher when asked her favorite aspect of the church simply responded, “Its home.”

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