Ducks and Turtles Race through Lewis County Park

The United Way of Gilmer, Lewis, & Upshur held the annual duck and turtle race on Saturday, Oct. 6. The race was originally set to take place in the West Fork River across from City Hall in Weston, but instead had to be moved to Lewis County Park due to high waters.
“It worked out great, I wish we could have it in the park every year, but usually there isn’t enough water in that stream” said executive director, Beckie Sias.
This year there were 9 turtles and 11 ducks that won. All of the prizes for the event, including the $1,000 grand prize, were donated by Mountain Valley Pipeline, Citizens Bank, and United Bank. George Somerville, of Elizabeth, West Virginia, had the winning turtle #245, which won him the grand prize. Somerville graciously donated $250 back to the United Way of Gilmer, Lewis, & Upshur.
The event raised over $2,500 for the organization this year.

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