Double D’s Diner Opens in Camden

Jill Pumphrey and Dedy Putra, saw an opportunity and jumped at the chance to open their own restaurant in Camden, with the closing of the previous Camden Deli.
“When we first started people were so thankful that we were going to open, because there is no place to eat between Weston and Glenville,” said Pumphrey.
Putra went to culinary school and is currently a chef at Shogun, a japanese restaurant in Clarkburg.
“It was always a dream of Dedy’s to have his own place. We decided to start out small and this is a great location to begin,” said Pumphrey.
Pumphrey said that they serve home cooked food and that the restaurant is a mom and pop type of place.
They opened the diner on Wednesday, April 19. They are open Tuesday - Sunday from 3 p.m. - 8 p.m. However the hours will be changing soon to incorporate lunch and even longer hours on Sundays said Pumphrey.
They have daily dinner and dessert specials. Dinner specials are $9.95 daily. Different specials include baked steak, pulled pork and spaghetti.
One of the best selling items on their menu are the hoagies according to Putra.
“The food is very similar to when it was Camden Deli, however we removed some menu items and changed somethings around a bit,” said Pumphrey.
They added different menu items, including cookies and other different desserts.
The couple painted the dining area and changed the decor in it as well, but most of the other items, including the kitchen are still the same from the previous business.
“We are new and still trying to learn the business, but we will expand as we learn,” said Pumphrey.
Menu items range from about $6 to $10, however some higher end dinner items include rib eye steak and grilled shrimp.
“We really think we will succeed in this business, because the community seems to be supporting us,” said Pumphrey.

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