Derelict Building Demolition Begins

Demolition began on the old Oddfellow’s Lodge Building on Main Avenue in Weston, on Tuesday, Sept 24.
The building had been deemed a safety hazard by Weston Building Inspector Bryan Reed due to the front part of the building leaning forward toward the street.  
The demolition had been delayed for some time, due to several issues, according to Reed.  
Reed went on to say that the biggest part of the delay was finding an address for the owner of the building.  
After obtaining the address of the current owner, the Odd Fellows Lodge in Morgantown, Reed notified them of the situation, and the lodge agreed to pay for the demolition of the building.  
The Odd Fellows contracted Done Rite Excavation from Jane Lew to do the initial work.  
Reed went on to note that the building would be taken down in stages with the first stage being the removal of area of the building which posed a potential danger to health and safety.   
Reed noted that the rest of the building would require state mandated testing for harmful substances such as asbestos before additional demolition could take place.
“It is a shame to have another building being demolished, but it is definitely in the interest of safety,” Weston Mayor Julia Spelsberg said, via a press release. “Many times these buildings are owned by out-of-town or out-of-state people who do not have any idea of the harm that the dilapidated buildings cause for us.”

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