Deputies Throughout Region Arrest 27 in Drug Round-up

The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office conducted a drug round-up of 27 individuals Tuesday, March 28.
Deputies worked in conjunction with Weston City Police, Buckhannon Police Department, Upshur County Sheriff’s Office, The Greater Harrison County Drug Task Force, Harrison
County Sheriff’s Office, and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).
The suspects resided in Lewis, Upshur, Harrison, Marion, and Randolph Counties.
In a press release from Lewis County Sheriff Adam Gissy, he stated all the offenses occurred in Lewis County.
“Today’s undertaking is the largest single drug operation the sheriff’s office has organized to date,” Gissy said on Tuesday. “The success of the operation wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration and assistance of multiple jurisdictions.
“Both property and personal crimes are microcosms of the drug epidemic facing our communities. Enforcement is one component in the overall formula to curtail drug abuse and distribution in our community,” Gissy continued.
“Enforcement efforts will continue. However, adolescent and adult outreach programs, along with community involvement and awareness symposiums, are equally essential in tackling the ruinous pandemic.”
Below is a list of the individuals that have been charged with drug offenses.
An asterisk beside the name indicates the person has yet to have been accounted for. If anyone has information regarding the whereabouts of those unaccounted for, please contact the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office at 304-269-8251, or the Lewis County E-911 Center at 304-269-8241.
David Bishop, Frankie Pennington*, Travis Wiseman,  Angela Donnellan, Shawnquel Holmes*, Christopher Peters*, Donald Lee Bowers*, Bobby Johnson, Jason Ancell*, Tyler Weaver, Dennis Ratliff,  Zachery McKisic, Michael Pumphrey, Derrick Stalnaker, Ronald Wineberger*, Caleb Daugherty, Christopher Moriarty*, Brenda Metz, Brittany Myers, David Marple,  Jessica Butcher,  Michael Garton,  Betty Weimer, Anthony Mar*,  Stephanie Stamper-Farley, Dina Cushman-Strader, Chapin Lynn Richards*.

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