Dear Wonderful West Virginians:

My name is Emma Mafiak. A couple of weeks ago, I had a letter to the editor published in your local newspaper. It said that I was doing a state report on West Virginia and asked for information. Soon, I started to get mail from the wonderful people in West Virginia.
I received over 70 letters and packages full of information! Thank you for all of the heartfelt letters, newspapers and articles, postcards, magazines, maps, books, brochures, souvenirs, artifacts, recipes and songs. In May, the third-grade students in my school are going to have a big “State Fair.” I can’t wait to display all of the information and items I received.
Thank you so much for teaching me about your wonderful state and sharing the Mountaineer spirit, character and pride. It really means a lot to me, and has been lots of fun! I look forward to visiting West Virginia with my family over spring break!

Emma Mafiak

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