Council Heats Up With Complaints

The Weston City Council meeting on Monday, Oct 2, got heated with an exchange between councilmen regarding criticism from the public.
Local resident and business owner Randy Bohan told council members that he believes Councilman Richard Flanigan was derelict in his duty and had “utter disregard for his responsibility.”
Flanigan, who was present for the complaint, did not respond.
Bohan went on to address other concerns, but the discussion veered back to Flanigan when another member of the public addressed him when it was her turn to speak.
Local resident Pam Mitchell spoke to Flanigan directly, stating that she had “desperately,” tried to get in touch with him on multiple occasions regarding an incident in her neighborhood, which eventually involved the police.  
Flanigan noted that he was not a police officer anymore, and went on to say that citizens were to contact the department heads with issues. If they cannot take care of a citizen’s issue, then they were to contact him.  
Mitchell responded by saying that her issue occurred before the council, “made all these changes, referring to the recent meeting format change to meetings enacted at the September council meeting.”
Flanigan then claimed there had been a process for dealing with citizen concerns for six months, to which Mitchell replied that she had attempted to contact Flanigan at meetings, but was unable because he was not in attendance.
Flanigan apologized for not being at meetings, saying he had been dealing with other issues, including a death in the family.  
“There’s no excuse for you not to return my calls,” Mitchell said, noting that she had left messages.  
Flanigan then stated that he did not get any messages, nor had he received any calls.
Mitchell expressed surprise at that statement and went on to say to Flanigan, “I want you to know, personally, I’m very disappointed in you.”
Bohan addressed several other issues, including road conditions on Mid Avenue in Shadybrook.
Bohan’s concerns in that matter were addressed by Street Department Head Jacob Culver later in the meeting when Culver stated that the Street Department would be beginning fall road patching projects in Shadybrook.
Bohan also asked questions regarding the old Odd Fellows Lodge Hall, the front of which was removed last week to address a public safety concern.  
He asked about the bidding process, including asking for the number of bids, as well as who would pay for the demolition.
City Manager Kristin Droppleman addressed these questions later in the meeting, saying there was no bidding process because the demolition was paid for by the Odd Fellows, as they are the private owners of the buildings.  
She also noted that City Building Inspector Bryan Reed was not present at the meeting because he was meeting with the contractor hired by the Odd Fellows regarding the demolition of the rest of the building.
As the meeting progressed, Councilman John Wylie asked Bohan “will that suffice sir?”
Bohan responded that he had not heard Wylie, to which Wylie responded by quipping, “Weston Ear, Nose, and Throat and Audiology, I can offer you one of mine [indicating a hearing aid] it might help.”
Bohan then responded by
saying, “I was taught things in school too, and that’s not to be rude sir.”
“Well, you’ve certainly transversed that on a number of occasions haven’t you?” Wylie retorted.
Bohan then stated that he would no longer continue this conversation.
In other council news, the council approved four resolutions. One honored Peyton Gilliespie for her work with the pet show.  
Another honored Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Third honored Extra-Mile Day, a day to celebrate volunteers and their impact on their communities.
The final resolution was in support of the Road Bond, which is set to be decided in a vote on Oct. 7. Each resolution passed unanimously.

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