Congratulations, Weston Democrat


I would like to congratulate The Weston Democrat on its 150th anniversary. I join the entire Weston community in celebrating all the hard work that has gone into this great publication. The Weston Democrat has served the community of Weston and Lewis County diligently and is a prime example of the important role local newspapers continue to play in the lives of West Virginians. From the coverage of local news and sports to the obituaries that help honor the ones lost, The Weston Democrat covers and is a part of a rich West Virginia community.
The history of the paper begins only a bit after the beginning of West Virginia’s statehood. The Weston Democrat was created in 1875, ten years after the Civil War, as the Weston Expositor. The name Weston Democrat came from George Cozad and James W. Woffindin, two Union veterans who purchased the Weston Expositor and renamed it “The Weston Democrat.” Cozad believed in “soft words and strong arguments” which is an ideal that still continues today. The paper has continually evolved from the start. Through multiple owners and taglines, the Weston Democrat has become an important example to the many local papers throughout West Virginia that serve their communities.
I am proud that West Virginians have continued to appreciate their local journalism. Local papers like The Weston Democrat, often serve readers better than large national papers because they are a part of the community that they serve. I am happy that the important work The Weston Democrat started 150 years ago continues today and may it continue for 150 more.

Senator Joe Manchin

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