Commissioners Hear from Concerned Citizen

The Lewis County Commission, heard concerns about the City of Weston, the structure of their government and the state of the city itself, from a citizen of Jane Lew who owns rental property within the City of Weston.
Fred Sumpter, addressed the commissioners on the Weston City Council meeting that occurred on Monday, Nov. 6, and the structure of the meeting.
Weston City Council meetings allow citizens with concerns to address the council, by signing up prior to the meetings, using their name and what topic they would like to speak on. Citizens are then given three minutes to speak on only the subject, which they signed up to speak on, and once their three minutes are over, they are no longer allowed speak.
Sumpter told the commissioners that he knows that their hands are tied and knows that they cannot step and take the city into their hands, due to how the city charter is setup.
Sumpter also said that having multiple forms of government in a county this size, is not effective.
“There is no need to have two to three forms of government,” said Commission President Pat Boyle.
Sumpter also said that with the strengthening of the industrial park located in Jane Lew, that the Town of Jane Lew, will surpass the City of Weston economically.
“There is won't be anything coming into the city, if things continue like this,” said Sumpter.
“When you don't like what is going on, you try to get in on the ground floor and change things,” Boyle said to Sumpter.
Commissioner Agnes Queen, said that this past week she, along with Commissioner Rod Wyman  met with several sources that could potentially bring business into Lewis County.
One of those sources, is a company that specializes in helping stores  that are searching for places to put franchise locations. The company then located potential empty buildings or land locations and helps speak with landowners.
The main area that the commissioners are focusing on is finding someone to occupy the former Kroger building, located in Market Place Plaza, along Route 33.
“We have a couple different businesses that are interested in Lewis County and we hope this comes to fruition,” said Queen.
The commissioners are also setting up meetings with Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, to talk to them about the Mon Health merger, and what this means for Lewis County.
The Lewis County Commission regular meetings are held on Mondays at 10 a.m., at the Lewis County Courthouse, located on the second floor and are open to the public.

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