City Announces Support of BBQ Bash Following Executive Session

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Jody Light, the organizer of the Almost Heaven BBQ Bash, came to the Weston City Council meeting last week, asking its members several questions regarding the 2018 Almost Heaven BBQ Bash.
Light said she and other BBQ Bash coordinators have not received any feedback from the city government yet, but had received feedback from county governments and businesses.
The questions she had for the city were: “Does the city want the BBQ Bash to return to Weston and the Asylum grounds?”, “Will the city endorse and support the BBQ Bash next year?”, “Will the city parking lot be available for parking or be blocked from use?” and “Will other BBQ vendors be allowed to set up in the city lot or adjacent areas?”
“We certainly want to be good partners with the city and county,” said Light.
After City Council went into executive session citing personnel reasons, lasting approximately five minutes, Councilman John Whyllie answered Light’s questions.
“I believe in striking while the iron is hot,” said Wyllie.
He said the BBQ Bash is something we should all be proud of and that it was well
received throughout the community.
“That’s the future of Weston, people working together,” he added.
Wyllie said that yes, the city does want the BBQ Bash to return and they will endorse it.
He then proposed that the Jordans (owners of TALA) provide parking on the other side of the lawn.
Wyllie also said there will be no other BBQ vendors, other than what is part of the event.
“We are going to look at and analyze to find a solution that is acceptable to everyone and if it is not acceptable, I am going to want very objectable reasons why,” he concluded.
Rebecca Jordan Gleason, operations manager of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (TALA), thanked County Administrator Cindy Whetsell, Lewis County Commissioner Agnes Queen, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce Sherry Rogers and Lewis County Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Chris Richards, for coordinating parking lots throughout the city, to ensure there was enough parking spaces for visitors during the BBQ Bash.
Gleason also researched the Landmark Commission regulations, and found that she is eligible to join, although she doesn’t reside in the Weston city limits.
Citizen Dick Harrison, asked City Council to ask the mayor for her resignation. However, no action was taken. The mayor and council members did not comment.
In other news, council also approved the vacant structure ordinance, which will allow the city to fine owners for vacant abandoned buildings.
Mayor Julia Spelsberg, said that she has been speaking to merchants on Center Avenue and Main Avenue and more than she realized want the streets to go back to being two-way streets, and is going to coordinated a meeting with Department of Highways, merchants and City Council, to see if this is
In other news, Corporal Eric Riddle of Weston Police Department was appointed to Sergeant.
Police Chief Josh Thomas said that Riddle became eligible in June, then passed the test and meets all qualifications.
All department heads were reappointed, no department head changed.
Regular Weston City Council meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 6 p.m., at the Weston Volunteer Fire Department.

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