Citizen Aid Leads to Sheriff’s Office Serving Warrants

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The Lewis County Sheriff’s Department executed warrants Tuesday Aug. 1, on seven individuals on a variety of drug-related charges. Sheriff Adam Gissy indicated in a press release that the arrests were the culmination of investigations that have stretched over the past few months. Gissy went on to state that various citizen complaints aided in many of Tuesday’s arrests.
“With the aid of concerned citizens; law enforcement personnel were able to address some of those who have been menacing our communities by distributing illegal drugs,” Gissy stated.
“We strongly encourage folks to contact law enforcement if they believe drug deals are occurring in their neighborhoods. Community involvement is pivotal in curbing the drug epidemic facing our county, and country alike.”
Jimmie Lipps, James Breeden, Emmanuel “Paul” Robinson, and Patrick Quinn were in custody at press time, while three others were still being sought by the department.

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