Citizen Addresses Library Needs with Commission

Lewis County commissioners heard from Weston resident Susie Vance regarding exterior maintenance issues at Louis Bennet Library.
Vance said the library is a “pivotal landmark for people visiting during the bicentennial and the community needs to see if we can improve the condition around it...”
Vance said that the sidewalk in the greenway needs repaired, along with repairs to the maintenance building. The solution, according to Vance, is help the library “maintain its walkway with the help of creative ideas.”
Vance cited properties along Court Street that need addressed, including condemned homes and the Columbia Club building.
She asked commissioners that if any funds could be found to go towards the library that it should be designated for exterior repairs only.
She has received permission from Library Director, Karen Enderle, to get volunteers together to clean up the sidewalk. She also said more communication needs to happen between all entities involved.
In other news, Mark Brogan of Weston Friends of Ferals and Strays addressed commissioners about feral cats and animal cruelty. Brogan said animals are being shot, stabbed, trapped, abandoned, and thrown in rivers. He suggested a tether law, and enforcing alternative sentences for offenders.
Brogan said more Trap/Neuter/Release groups and more veterinarians need to be involved with combatting the pet overpopulation problem in the county. He asked for anything the commission could do to help get the problem under control.
Currently, Brogan and his wife work off donations, but they are working on acquiring their 501c3 license, which will allow them to apply for grants.
In other news, Janet Spry, the U.S. Census State Coordinator, spoke to commissioners regarding the current and future steps counties can take to ensure accuracy for the 2020 census.
Spry said an information packet will be sent out in July, and technical hands on training will begin in October. She said that something different this time is individual unit identifiers on multi unit properties.
Spry said the purpose of speaking now is to work with Lewis County about the importance of the census. She told commissioners that she will look into matching post office boxes with physical addresses.
County Administrator Cindy Whetsell suggested an enumerator get with county officials to identify communities that may be overlooked.
Lewis County Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Chris Richards presented her quarterly report, saying she graduated in March from the Southwest Travel Society Marketing Program adding.
Richards has attended two consumer travel show, and several board meetings. The CVB has assisted with local events, including United Way events, Irish Spring Festival, Lewis County Senior Center events, St. Paul’s dinners, the Chocolate Lover’s Feast at the West Virginia Museum of American Glass, and Coke and Float’s season opening, among others.
Richards reported the CVB had 1,043,050 hits in three months. They have sent 17 bulk/goody bag orders, and received 1,214 calls and/or visits to the office from 19 states.
Commissioner Agnes Queen reported that there is a pre conference bid meeting for the Northwest Water Project scheduled for may 18.
Whetsell attend the WV State Police Academy graduation with Chief Deputy Randy Hyre last Friday. Lewis County Deputy Jacob VanMeter graduated. The next meeting of the commission will be Monday, May 8, at 10 a.m.

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