Circuit Courts Hears Multiple Cases

Clarence Slaughter, 60, of Weston, was sentenced to two consecutive terms in jail of 10-25 years each on two counts of failing to provide a change in
information under the sex offender registration act, second offense.
Slaughter’s defense attorney, Dennis Willett, argued for alternative sentencing, citing injuries to Slaughter received in Central Regional Jail.
Prosecuting Attorney Christina Flanigan argued that Slaughter has a history of preying on young females, with his victims as young as four years old. She requested incarceration, with the sentences running consecutively.
Circuit Court Judge Jacob Reger acknowledged the injuries Slaughter sustained in prison, but he also has a “substantial criminal history.”
Upon sentencing, Slaughter received credit for time served. Slaughter must pay court costs, which are due in two years, and Reger waived the court appointed attorney’s fees.
Charles Dean, 41, of Burnsville, was sentenced to one to three years in prison for driving on a revoked license DUI -third offense. Dean pleaded guilty to the offense on June 8, but tested positive for methamphetamine July 10.
A presumptive positive result came back for marijuana Aug. 2. He must pay fines in the amount of $3,000 within 18 months, and court costs and court appointed attorney’s fees up to $500 within two years.
Teresa Bosely, 38, of Flatwoods, who is accused of conspiracy for the possession, with intent to deliver a controlled substance, filed a motion to reduce her home confinement fees. Reger ruled in her favor.
Jerry Stewart Jr., 27, of Doddridge County, who is accused in Lewis County on multiple drug-related charges, filed a motion to have his bond reduced.
He faces felony charges of possession with the intent to deliver methamphetamine, possession with the intent to deliver marijuana, possession with the intent to deliver Clonazepam, and being a felon in possession of a firearm.
His original bond was set in Lewis County Magistrate Court at $225,000 surety and $75,000 cash. Stewart’s attorney, Hunter Simmons, argued it was effectively no bond at all.
The state recommended $75,000 personal recognizance with the remaining surety. Because of his handgun charge, Flanigan argued he presents a safety concern for the public and law enforcement. She also cited his “significant criminal history.”
Reger modified Stewart’s bond to $150,000 surety through a bondsman, and $75,000 personal recognizance. If he makes bond, he must report to Community Corrections in Lewis County.
Melissa Thompson, 31, of Erbacon, was picked up by law enforcement as a fugitive from justice from Maryland. She waived extradition and will remain in Central Regional Jail until Maryland authorities pick her up. Maryland was given 10 days to retrieve her.
They have indicated to Flanigan their intent is to retrieve her. If they do not, a hearing has been scheduled for Aug. 29, if needed.
Troi Foster, 22, of Bridgeport, charged with delivery of a controlled substance, waived her preliminary hearing and made admissions to the charges. She told the court she is going to try to get into a treatment program. The disposition hearing is scheduled for Aug. 28, and no bond has been set.
Justin Kelley, 27, of Weston, who is charged with child abuse reslutling in injury and child abuse creating risk of injury, had his bond revocation motion held in abeyance since he has not tested positive for drugs in over a month. He is working and will need to find treatment at the Summit Center.
Brent Satterfield, 28, of Weston, who is charged with child neglect creating risk of injury, had his bond revoked until his pre-trial.
Dennis Ratliff, 45, of Weston, who is charged with delivery of a controlled substance did not appear for his scheduled hearing for reasons unknown, and his motion for bond reduction is pending.
Bobby Johnson, 27, of Buckhannon, who is charged with the delivery of a controlled substance, had a $20,000 surety property bond, and $2,500 personal recognizance bond set. Part of his bond is to report to Community Corrections.

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