Circuit Court Hears Multiple Cases

Frankie Lea Knight, 32, of Weston, appeared in Circuit Court last week on a probation violation, in relation to her domestic battery charges, occuring on April 10.
Her arresting officer testified that on that day, Knight and Jody Skinner got into a physical altercation. The deputy noted injuries on Skinner’s face and a bite mark on his shoulder.
Hawkins asked Carey if these charges are still pending, and Carey responded it is still an ongoing case. Prosecuting Attorney Christina Flanagan asked Carey if Knight had any injuries, and Carey said, “no.”
Deputy VanMeter testified that, in a separate incident, on May 2, Knight allegedly
violated a protection order. VanMeter said he had not been able to locate Knight to serve the warrant. Chief Deputy Randy Hyre also testified. He served the Domestic Violence Petition to Knight, on May 2.
Flanigan asked that bond be revoked because two criminal complaints have been filed, and Magistrate Court found probable cause in both cases. Hawkins argued that neither case has been disposed yet. He also said Knight has shown up for every court date and that these are charges, not convictions.
Reger said there was enough evidence in the domestic battery charge to show Knight violated her bond, but not the DVP violation charge. He revoked her bond and remanded her to the custody of the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department until she could be taken to Central Regional Jail.
In an unrelated case, Timothy Corathers, 32, of Weston, charged with delivery of a controlled substance (heroin) within 1,000 feet of a school, also appeared in court.
The state asked for a 30-day sentence, with credit for 11 days already served. Reger requested Corathers get counseling through United Summit Center, and work with probation officer Bradley Tenney on getting the help he needs.
In an unrelated case, Joseph Metz, 43, of Weston, was sentenced to one to five years on charges of failing to provide his change of information to the
State Police Sex Offender Registry, which he was convicted of  on Feb. 9.
Metz has two years to pay court appointed attorney’s fees and related court costs up to $500, and 72 hours from the date of sentencing to register with the sex offender registry.
After a competency evaluation deemed Robert Byrd, 54, of Weston, competent to stand trial, and he was denied an additional diagnostic evaluation, he pleaded guilty, on April 7, to charges of unlawful assault on a healthcare worker, a felony.
He was sentenced recently to two to five years with credit for time served to date.
Byrd has two years to pay court costs and $187.29 restitution to the Victim’s Crime Fund.
In an unrelated case, Melvin Nicholson Jr., 25, of Weston, who was originally charged with four counts uttering and five counts forgery, verbally waived his preliminary hearing and admitted to allegations of violating his probation.
He was sentenced to 30 days incarceration with credit for 26 days time served. Upon release, he will return to probation and the Community Corrections program.
Jason Starcher, 38, of Walkersville, accused of three felony counts of delivery of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), one count delivery of a controlled substance (marijuana), and one felony count of conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance, was sentenced to 30 days home confinement and referred to Community Corrections.
In another unrelated case, Phillip Radcliff, 38, of Linn, who is accused of domestic battery and assault, is scheduled to appear in court on May 30. His case was bound over from Magistrate Court.
The defendant allegedly admitted to violating his bond. Until the hearing, he will remain on bond and Community Corrections.
In Magistrate Court, Perry Cogar, 35, of Ireland, appeared for his preliminary hearing for charges of strangulation. Cogar posted his bond, and the case has been bound over to Circuit Court.

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