Chipps Denied Bond Reduction in DUI With Death Case

Whitney M. Chipps, 26, has been denied a bond reduction by Lewis County Circuit Judge Jake Reger, in her felony charges of driving under the influence, resulting in death.
Reger stated in court that Chipps’s cash bail—set at $100,000—is based upon her alleged crime and as a safety concern to the public.
Chipps allegedly committed this offense in Lewis County while out on bail from charges in Harrison County for DUI and child neglect.
Chipps has remained jailed for the offense since early December and will remain there unless her $100,000 cash bail is met before her trial.
Defense Attorney James Hawkins said the bail amount was unconstitutional and asked for a bail reduction that, if met, would place the defendant on house arrest, which would monitor Chipps’ whereabouts via Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking.
Hawkins also brought up that Chipps was not indicted by the March session of the Lewis County Grand Jury. The next session of grand jury is not until July. If Chipps is indicted then, she won’t go to trial until approximately October, according to Hawkins.
Chipps will be facing her trial in Harrison County, pending the child neglect charge the week of May 22.
In other unrelated cases, Reger granted the Ryan A. Hubbs, 33, of Ohio, a behavioral health evaluation in his charge of first-degree robbery, which allegedly occurred in October in the parking lot of the Weston CVS.
Hawkins, Hubb’s attorney, said that his trial is set for the beginning of June, but he is prepared to file a motion for a continuance, to await the evaluation.
Also last week in Circuit Court:
-Robert M. Allman III, 20, plead guilty to fleeing with reckless indifference, which resulted in a plea agreement accepted by Judge Hall to have a jail sentence of 120 days probation.
Allman had already served 78 days incarcerated, and will serve the remainder of the time until early June, when he has an union job awaiting him in which he will complete his sentence to jail on the weekends.
Allman will have a mandatory fee of $1,500 to pay within six months, $500 court appointed attorney fees, 80 hours of community service for 5 years, supervised probation for five years and will participate in the community corrections program as a result of his sentencing.
-Jerermy Perry, 34, originally charged on grand larceny related crimes, waived his trial until the court term in September. Perry will remain incarcerated, unless his is bail is met.
-Emmanuel L. Phifer Jr., 21, originally charged with fraudulent use of an access device, appeared in court, only to have a presumptive positive urine analysis for marijuana, which is being sent for laboratory testing.
-Tiffany Tomaro, 30, on pending grand larceny charges asked for a trial continuance, due to having a newly appointed attorney.
-Demius N. Jones, who currently is charged with fraudulent use of an access device, appeared in court, however his urine analysis gave a presumptive positive for marijuana, which is being sent off for laboratory testing.

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