Boost in Tax Revenue Saves Three County Employees

Three county employees, who were expecting to lose their jobs after the Lewis County Commission announced earlier this year they had to forgo the positions for financial reasons, are now able to remain employed.
Earlier in the year, the county announced that six positions would have to be terminated.
“We found out that we have several tax companies that were able to pick up additional taxes from oil and gas,” Commission President Pat Boyle said. “It allowed us to bring back three employees, but it did not allow us to bring all of them back in order to be fiscally sound.”
Boyle said one maintenance employee, one commission office employee and one sheriff’s office employee will now remain on board after the county learned of the tax money.
However, Boyle said these employees will be “floating” employees, meaning their job duties won’t be exactly what they were previously, allowing more flexibility.
Economic Development Authority Executive Director Mike Herron, who was among those to be let go, also will remain until the first of the year, Boyle said.
This is because the county is paying for Herron’s benefits, while the Economic Development Authority pays his salary until that time.

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