BOE accepts new LCHS Principal Resignation

The Lewis County Board of Education voted unanimously to accept the resignation of Eddie Vincent who was hired by the board as the Principal of Lewis County High School (LCHS) just last month.   
No reason was given for Vincent’s resignation, but the topic turned to increasing the amount of pay being offered in the posting for the position of Principal at LCHS using county supplement money.   
Board member Sylvia McNeish made a motion to add $5000 to the posted salary for the position, the motion of seconded by board member Tori Zielinski, but failed by a vote of 2-3 when board members Debbie Clem, and Robert Mitchell joined board president Paul Derico in voting no.   
Mitchell then moved for a $3075 increase for the position which was seconded by Derico.  In discussing the matter Clem noted that she felt giving  one position an increase without increasing others would not be well received, and asked that the board set a date to begin reviewing other positions as well.   
McNeish agreed with Clem on eventually reviewing additional pay for other administrative positions, but noted that she felt that a larger increase could help attract more applicants for the position. McNeish cited her personal experience as a Principal at LCHS saying that the job often entailed attending many activities in the evening.   
After some discussion, board members settled on Oct. 1, 2018 as the date that they would begin reviewing other positions for increases, with Derico noting the budget was due to the West Virginia Department of Education buy Sept. 31, 2018, and that the board would be dealing with real numbers instead of projections at that time.   
The addition of $3075 was approved by a vote of 5-0, with McNeish noting that she would prefer a larger increase, but would agree to the lesser figure.   
Board members also voted 5-0 to sign a memorandum of understand with the Southern Educational Services Cooperative for bus operator training services for the 2018-2019 school year. School Superintendent Steve Casto noted that he felt it would be very positive for the county to join with the group especially after the loss of RESA.   
Board members also voted 5-0 to move from first to second reading two separate policies regarding  student and employee computer and technology use.
A new grading policy, currently at second reading, was tabled until it could be made more clear.   Derico noted that since school was not currently in session that there was no reason to vote on the policy before it was totally clear.
The next Lewis County Board of Education Meeting is scheduled for June, 25, at 6 p.m at the board office.

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