Barrett Survives Two Separate Cancers

David Barrett, of Weston, was diagnosed with Basal Cell Cancer and Squamous Cell Cancer in 2012, after his wife and caregiver Charla Barrett noticed a scale-like patch of skin on his back and a knot on his ear.
Squamous Cell cancer is a form of skin cancer that develops in the cells of the outer layer of the skin. Basal Cell cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the basal cells, which are in the innermost layer of the epidermis or other epithelial tissue.
Barrett then went to Mountain State Dermatology. A large portion of skin was taken out of his back and nose to remove the cancer. The doctors had to remove cancerous portions from his ear a total of three times.
In 2014, Barrett found another spot on his shoulder, so he went to Morgantown again, to be cut yet again. This time they had to cut the cancer down to the bone.
This March, he noticed another knot on his ear, which was biopsied. The biopsy came back as noncancerous and he is currently in remission.
“There is people a lot worse off then me,” said Barrett.
Barrett credits his family: Charla, Chera and Chaeli for the support they gave him during his battle with cancers.
“If anyone has any special lumps or bumps get to a doctor and have it checked out, even moles can be cancerous and give to Relay for Life to fight cancer,” said Barrett.
Barrett and his family have been involved in Relay for Life since 2010.

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