Athlete of the Week: Charlie Ressler

Athlete, Artist and Volunteer

Charlie Ressler is a 12-year-old student at Robert L. Bland Middle School, who competes in track and field and cross country.
Although this is her first year participating in cross country, she enjoys it and says that she really likes to run the long distances required in both sports. Ressler says the hardest stints of her run is always climbing the rugged hills in courses.
Last spring was Ressler’s first season running track, but she plans to continue this spring and once she reaches high school.
In her spare time Ressler participates in a more artistic manner of relaxing by drawing. Her favorite things to draw are portraits and other realistic imagery.
She also enjoys watching YouTube and her favorite channel on the website is Shawn Dawson.
Her favorite subjects in school are mathematics and science, which could one day help her on her way to achieving her dream of either becoming a veterinarian or a photographer.
Ressler enjoys taking photographs and also has always loved animals. In fact, her parents sometimes call her “The Animal Whisperer”.
When she isn’t with her family, playing sports, drawing, or watching YouTube, Ressler can be found at the Louis Bennett Public Library where she volunteers often.
Recently she helped with the Summer Reading Program, where she organized incentives, organized crafts, helped re-organize the children’s library and more.
She said that her favorite part of the Summer Reading Program was the End of Summer Carnival where she helped small children with the fishing game. She is also active in the craft club and young adult book club at the library.
Ressler’s parents are Matt and Ashley Ressler and she has an older sister, Danielle, and younger sister Esme.

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