32nd General Lightburn 5K and Lightning Run Draws Dozens

Keefe Kiser, 25, of Weston won first place in both the 32nd Annual General Lightburn  one mile run and the 5K walk/run held on Saturday, this event was hosted by the Jane Lew Lions Club.
Although attendance was down this year, due to impending rain in the weather forecast, runners were able to run the course in Jane Lew without much precipitation.
The course started at the corner of Park Avenue and Court Street in Jane Lew, followed Park Avenue, turning left onto Main Street, then turning left onto Second Street leading to the Industrial Park, which then the runners retraced the course which ended at Jane Lew Park.
A little over 30 people participated in the walk/run and seven participated in the one mile run.
Top three men in the race were Keefe Kiser of Weston finishing at 19:10, Brian Taylor of Spencer of Spencer finishing at 19:50 and Kevin Kiser of Weston finishing at 20:03.
The top three women at the 5K was Brooke Wagner with a time of 21:41, Holly Chamberlin with a time of 23:02 and Bridget Wagner with a time of 24:21. All three women were from Bridgeport.
Listed are those who participated in the one mile run: Keefe Kiser, Kevin Kiser, Brooke Wagner, Tanner Griffith, Bridget Wagner, Kaitlyn Wagner and Andrew Wagner.
Listed below are the participants of the 5K with their age group and time (excluding top 3):
Men under 10: Tanner Griffith, of Jane Lew, 26:59
Men 12-14: David Johnson, of Weston, 23:38 and Kamden Dulaney of Bridgeport, 28:26.
Men 15-19: Noah Simon, of Clarksburg, 24:08
Men 25-29: James Johnson, of Lost Creek, 23:05
Men 30-34: Travis Yost, of Weston, 20:55; Nathan Jones, of Mineral Wells, 22:40 and Justin Epling of Lost Creek, 40:37
Men 35-39: Chris Harris of Lost Creek, 31:45
Men 45-49: Tom Palmer of Nutter Fort, 22:58; Marc Chamberlin of Bridgeport, 24:16 and Charles Dulaney of Bridgeport, 24:43.
Men 50-54: Khan Kesselman of Bridgeport, 29:00
Men 55-59: Rudean Reynolds of Bridgeport, 22:17, Steve Simon of Clarksburg, 23:03 and Bryan Wilson of Anmoore, 33:23
Men 60-64: Lawrence Seyler of Bridgeport, 26:31
Men 65-69:  Carl Hatfield of Bridgeport, 28:05
Men 70 and up: Jerry Burgess of Bridgeport, 22:19 and Robert Cole of Buckhannon, 46:06
Women under 12: Karma Dulaney of Bridgeport, 32:46
Women 12-14: Natalie Wagner of Bridgeport, 30:28
Women 25-29: Elizabeth Epling of Lost Creek, 40:37
Women 35-39: Amy Harris of Lost Creek, 31:45
Women 40-44: Anessa Griffith of Jane Lew, 38:37
Women 50-54: Lisa Alfred of Weston, 27:49
Women 60-64: Debbie Gaskins of Mt. Clare, 42:39.

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